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Session #8 - Pt 1/4

Session #8 Additional Docs:

 * Sample Connection Card

 * Program vs. Path

As you think about the four areas of connecting: how is a guest to be "Greeted, Directed, Treated and Seated," evaluate these four areas in your church.


Which of these does your church do well? Which of them could your church use improvement? How do we apply these principles to online ministry?

Session #8 - Pt 2/4

- Evaluate your church's current follow up system (if you have something in place) - what's working and what could use work?

- I don't mention it on the video, but if it comes up you can share that we've found in recent years that in-person visitation and even phone calls aren't welcomed at this stage in the process.

- Are you using a Connection Card or a similar tool to collect information from your church's guests? Consider how effective your current tool is and what you could change to improve.

Session #8 - Pt 3/4

Session #8 - Pt 4/4

- What are some successful "Engagement Opportunities" that you've used or seen used to help newer people make connections and build relationship?

- Evaluate and brainstorm what your church does and could change to better engage people in:

    - Small Groups
    - Fun Events (FWAP: Fun With A Purpose)
    - Serving Opportunities (First Serve Opportunities)

We finish by discussing how to lead people from being Regular Attenders to becoming Members, including what to do on Sunday mornings and how to use Small Groups as a tool in this process. Evaluate your church's current process and how you might improve it. 

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