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Foundations Coaching - Session #3

Session #3 - Pt 1/4

Session #3 Additional Docs:

 * Trends in Church Names

 * 6 Common Problems w/By-Laws

Consider the idea of choosing a church name. How have you chosen (or will you choose) a church name? If you’re in an established church – do you think your church’s name needs re-examining?

Session #3 - Pt 2/4

Consider which of these 6 steps was most difficult and/or which of these steps you have yet to finish. Also, if you’re in an established church, are there any areas you may need to revisit?

Session #3 - Pt 3/4

Do you have any further questions about Accounting, Payroll, Outsourcing, Stewardship or Offerings? If you're watching these with a group, feel free to dig deeper into any or all of these topics that you might find helpful or timely for your church.

Session #3 - Pt 4/4

After the video, take some time in the room to drill down further, record any questions about what has been discussed OR any other topics we haven’t touched on but you wanted to talk about today.

Follow up with Tommy ( to ask questions, send in your notes, and/or provide feedback

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