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Foundations Coaching - Session #2

Session #2 - Pt 1/6

If you are planting a church and know it, write down your launch date in your notes (share it if you're in a group). If you have already planted, share your launch date (as closely as you can remember), share that as well. Record any questions you may have thus far about the Launch strategy. 

Session #2 - Pt 2/6

Record questions about anything in this process that isn’t yet clear to you and share those questions with the group (if you're watching this with others). Also, think about and share any examples you have of churches who have started using a similar Launch Strategy.

Session #2 - Pt 3/6

Take a few minutes to consider (and discuss) the Launch Strategy as a whole: record any questions you may have, or any clarifications you’d like to make to your new church’s Launch Strategy, based on what we’ve been talking about.

Session #2 - Pt 4/6

Discuss what “Your Pick” for a Big Day might be, based on the dates that you’ve seen God blessing throughout the year. Feel free to record and/or share your own experiences with any “Your Pick” Big Days like “Mustang Sunday” or “Saddleback Valley Day” (days where a God-ordained Big Day opportunity was identified and taken advantage of).

Session #2 - Pt 5/6

Consider which of these 5 Key Elements will be the greatest challenge in your church to implementing the Ignite Big Day strategy and why.

Session #2 - Pt 6/6

After the video, take some time to review your notes and the overall concept of developing and executing a strategy in ministry. Record any questions about what has been discussed OR any other topics we haven’t touched on but you wanted to talk about today.

Follow up with Tommy ( to ask questions, send in your notes, and/or provide feedback

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