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Session #7 - Pt 1/7

Session #7 Additional Docs:

 * A New Perspective on Volunteers

 * 9 Ways to Pay Your Volunteers

Discuss if you’ve been part of a CP with a Core Group or Launch Team or observed; Share the Pros and Cons on both sides, based on your experiences and observations.

Session #7 - Pt 2/7

Session #7 - Pt 3/7

Talk about the pros and cons of the Launch Team, based on these truths. Discuss if you've experienced any of these truths or if you've seen someone or personally experienced either of these temptations.

Session #7 - Pt 4/7

Each church - represented take a moment to share with one another your greatest Ministry System challenge right now (regarding serving, volunteering, recruiting, training, burnout, etc.).

Discuss the 30/50/20 measurement and the ministry theology principles that we discussed, as well as any questions that you might have about this section (aligning your motives for ministry).

Session #7 - Pt 5/7

Session #7 - Pt 6/7

Discuss with one another this concept of First Serve Opportunities. Which of these ideas for creating First Serve Opportunities have you used or might you use to mobilize more people for ministry?

Session #7 - Pt 7/7

Discuss the idea of climbing a Ministry Ladder. Where do you think the various “rungs” of the ladder should be (Salvation/Membership/Tithing/etc.)? Have you ever seen people “skip rungs,” to the detriment of their own spiritual growth and the health of the church?

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