Isn’t it exciting when new people attend your church?


But are you doing the right things to get them plugged in to see lasting spiritual fruit?


Don’t let another week slip by unprepared for the first-time guests God wants to send to your church!


In this brand-new video training, coach and consultant Tommy Duke will teach you five keys to connecting those guests into the life of your church. This 1.5-hour, practical online seminar will give you the next steps to give newcomers a clear track on which to run.

As you implement these five keys, you’ll...

- close that infamous back door,

- tighten up your assimilation system,

- reach more of the people in your community,

- and make more growing, reproducing disciples!


Specifically, in this training, you will learn:

  • The lessons that come from the pain of not connecting and the power of learning to connect.

  • The biblical basis for becoming a connecting church.

  • Two essential commitments that make everything else possible when it comes to getting guests plugged in.

  • Why what seems right spiritually often falls short in practice.

  • The power of culture to transform the mindset of the people of your church.

  • How to assemble a team to help you connect new people.

  • Who you should look for on your new connecting team (and who to avoid).

  • The practical process that most churches neglect when preparing for guests.

  • What you and your church can do to minimize the overwhelming anxiety that most unchurched newcomers experience when they attend.

  • The number one reason churches can’t follow up with first time guests.

  • How one tool will help you connect with new people and stay connected with your existing congregation, week in and week out.

  • Four tips for effective guest follow-up in today's society.

  • Why even the most eager newcomers at your church often drift away, disconnected (and how to combat this condition).

  • The ABC’s of creating on-ramps for new people to take next steps and get plugged in.

  • And more!


This is a fast-paced training, approximately 90 minutes in length – designed to help you and your church take the next steps to engage the people God will send to your church in the coming weeks and months.


Don’t miss this opportunity to “close the holes in your net” and keep more guests!


***Because this a new resource and it's being shared with a limited "early-bird" audience, you can get your access now for over 50% of the eventual list price.***

what's included:

Online Video

You'll get nearly 90-minutes of online video training that you can watch and listen to at your convenience.


We realize that ministry is messy and things don't always go to plan, so feel free to pause the video and come back when you can. Also, you can use this to train your entire team - the license is one per church.

Listener Notes

Ever get that feeling when you watch something practical and useful online, only to think back 15 minutes later (aka 25 texts and 5 calls later) and realize you don't remember it? Yeah, we hate that too.


Download and print these notes, and fill them in - with your own additions. Faded ink is better than forgotten memories.

Audio Version

We know your ministry doesn't always take place in the quiet confines of your office. This is the best way to take your resource on the run (literally if you're into that).


In addition to the video and the notes, you'll have the option of downloading the MP3 audio file of this entire training. Take Tommy with you while you go.

Tommy Who? About Your Seminar Leader:


Tommy Duke is the founder and lead coach at Advance Consulting & Coaching. He has pastored churches in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as well as planting new churches in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Boca Raton, Florida. Having served as a preacher's kid, church planter, staff member, associate pastor, lead pastor and - before that - an entrepreneur and small business owner, there are few situations you'll encounter with which he can't identify and assist.


Tommy has over a decade of experience training, resourcing and coaching church leaders, and consulting with churches, businesses and non-profits. Prior to founding Advance, he served for several years as Vice-President of Training for Church Leader Insights and Nelson Searcy. Alongside Searcy, Tommy co-taught The Launch Conference to 500+ church planters. Since 2014, Tommy has personally coached over 250 church planters and pastors through his 12-month Foundations Coaching process.


Tommy and his wife, Amber, live in the Savannah, GA, area with their two sons, Tommy, Jr, and Dakota.

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